A Guide For a Six Months Pregnant Woman

Getting pregnant for the first time has its ups and downs. That first kick, the first cravings, the first mood swings, and those little fingers. Now, by the second time you are well acquainted with the whole process. But for the mothers transforming from just another woman to a mother, it is always a gigantic step.

They are bound to get panicky but that is the worst thing they could do to their baby at that point. They need to relax. Here is a guide that tells you exactly what symptoms you could experience around six months of being pregnant and stuff you must stock up on. 


6 Months Of Pregnant Symptoms

Here are some general 6 months pregnant symptoms that women at this stage usually feel. However, if you do not experience all of them, do not fret as it is natural too. 

  1. Lots of baby movement

  2. Fuzzy memory

  3. Bloating

  4. Increased appetite

  5. Swollen ankles

  6. Stretch marks on belly and thighs

  7. Braxton-Hicks contractions (false labour pains you may feel sometimes) 

  8. Leaky breasts

  9. Darker nipples

  10. Increased urination frequency


What To Shop For This Month?

You will get loads of suggestions about what you need to buy and wear and eat during this month. There is a high chance of them being pointless suggestions. You need to be more careful with your shopping list for this month:

  1. Stock up on healthy snacks. 

  2. A pregnancy pillow serves great during this time to get the proper sleeping position. 

  3. Maternity clothes, especially a maternity bra as your breasts have started to change by now. 

  4. Maintain a stress-free environment around you as it is bad for the baby.

Being a mother for the first time is indeed a great experience. Enjoy it and keep as many pictures as possible for the upcoming days. 



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