All You Need To Remember Before Having Double Eyelid Surgery

There has been a significant difference in the eyelids of western countries and Asian ones. You may not have a crease on the upper eyelid if you belong to any Asian country. Today with the advancement in cosmetic medical surgery. Blepharoplasty is also known for Double eyelid surgery (ทำตา2ชั้น, which is the term in Thai) is becoming a popular plastic surgery treatment all over the world. It is a choice if you are not willing to do it out of fashion as both eyelids look equally attractive in their ways.

What Is Involved And To Know About Double Eyelid Surgery?

There are two types of broad techniques involved that will help your surgeon to create a double eyelid. The first one includes the usage of threads used in surgery to create a line of crease. Every surgeon’s method would vary depending on their preference. The technique is most suitable for a short duration as it will fade away with time after the surgery. The second method will involve a skin incision, which will affect your skin beneath the tissues but will last long for a longer duration.

If you’re considering undergoing this surgery, make sure that you have a verified and well-reputed surgeon. One of the perks that you may enjoy with the surgery is that you will have an attractive, much deeper, and friendly look to your eyes. And eyelashes will look longer post-surgery.

During surgery, you will awaken the whole time. You will also have an option to intake a small amount of anesthesia. But it can increase the overall cost of the surgery. Be assured that surgery will be harmless, and if you’re not anxious, you can pass through this surgery easily. Once you get injected with the local anesthetic, you will not feel any pain as the procedure. You may feel a little heavy or pressure but nothing more.

One thing that you must know during surgery is some of the rare complications that can occur. But you must know before you undergo the operation. There can be a case of asymmetrical appearance in your eyelids or loss of crease, scars, swelling, bleeding, pain, and infection. These are very rare cases and you may face some of these for a short duration.

Thinking about any post-surgery side effects, you may face some downtime for a couple of days to weeks due to swelling and slight bruises. Your eyes will be completely safe and will not feel any difference post-surgery, and you can continue work from home for precaution.

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