Dental Services for Hygiene – What are Their Benefits 

Did you know that more than 90% school going children and teenagers globally suffer from problems like tooth decay and bad breath? In fact, what’s more shocking is that most people lose most of their teeth even before they hit 60. 

In fact, the data is even more unsettling when focused entirely in Canada. The oral care community determines that more and more adults have started losing their natural teeth in their early 30s. So, the question is, what’s going so wrong that people have started suffering from such oral disorders despite brushing and flossing their teeth regularly? And the answer is, most people do not have the tendency to visit a dentist until things get worse. 

You might be wondering why you need a dentist when you don’t experience any sort of toothache or sensitivity? The answer is that most problems evolve over time and by the time they start showing symptoms like pain, decay, and bad breath, most of the damage has already been done. On the other hand, when you visit good dental clinics like the Centre Dentaire Oracare clinic once every few weeks, the dentists find out tooth problems early on and fix them before things can go bad. 

In this guide we have specifically listed 3 such dental services that can protect your teeth from breaking and becoming weak. Have a look!

  1. Root Canal Treatment

Root canal is performed on teeth that have a rotting pulp. The sooner the decayed flesh is removed, the lesser is the damage. The cavity left behind by root exaction is filled using a rubber like substance. Once the treated tooth is sealed, you can use it normally without experiencing pain. In fact, dentists also suggest using a dental crown on top of the treated tooth to protect it. 

  1. Wisdom Teeth Extraction

It’s important to extract wisdom teeth because:

  • They consume more space that forces adjacent teeth away from their sockets. It loosens the teeth and disfigures the jawline too. 
  • They cause immense pain and are quite likely to develop plaque. 

Dentists perform a simple surgery. The patient is sedated so that the wisdom teeth can be extracted easily. 

  1. Tartar Cleaning

Tartar is the hard form of plaque that gets sticky, smelly, and dirty with time. It gets infected with bacteria that leads to gum bleeding, cavities, and problems like pyorrhoea. 

Dentists can treat tartar very effectively using a medical grade scalpel. Once the entire tartar is removed, they disinfect the area and polish the teeth. 

If there’s any more detail that you’d like to have on dental services, you can have a look at the Oracare website,

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