How long is detox treatment supposed to continue?

You will have several questions when thinking about getting help from rehab centres. How long is detox treatment Californiaand do you have to stay away from your family and the cost of the process? But the most crucial thing to consider is that you will get treated at the end. Every addiction requires different treatment and requires an additional period to recover. However, the available length of the program is as follows:

  • Thirty-day program
  • Sixty-day program
  • Ninety-day program

There may also be an extended program depending upon your condition. Your primary focus should be on how better you will recover from a particular program. A person severely addicted to drugs or alcohol requires a three-month program to become sober.

Thirty-day program

This treatment is a great way to decide whether you should take a long-term treatment or not. It helps you analyze your situation and the treatment that you will go through. This program helps you understand and get through withdrawal symptom. It will also allow you to take precautions for relapse conditions.

A thirty-day program is more comfortable to pass, as this is the shortest time to complete a rehab course. You can easily commit to the system and is also less expensive in comparison with others. As it cost less, the insurance company cover the program.

Sixty-day program

In a sixty-day program, you get extra time to recover from your addiction, and you get extended support. This program helps you cure your dependency on the drugs and detox from the substance. You also get counselling session to recover from various behaviour or familial issue that may be the cause of addiction.

This sixty-day program gives you more time detoxify and clear your body of all the toxins. During the process, you begin to get motivated by yourself and develop a positive vibe. You create a lot of healthy habits to become sober and clean. Insurance usually does not cover this type of detoxification program. But many institute or centre offers you the facility of making smaller payment at a time.

Ninety-day program

A ninety-day program may seem overwhelming and something that cannot get complete. But as you go through the therapy, you will find it more beneficial. Also, you require a longer time and support to ensure sobriety. There is less chance of relapse in the process.

Here in this treatment, the doctors will evaluate, detox, provide therapy or counselling to treat you effectively. You will also have to go through the self-help group and aftercare plan in the program. This program gives you time to normalize the new life without drugs or alcohol. You will be able to strengthen yourself to live a sober life. You will develop skills to resist the cravings if it arrives in future. It helps you identify potential triggers to stay clear of them afterwards.


If you need a more extended period to recover from addiction facilities, provide that too. This facility is called sober life living which is affordable and supportive. These programs offer generous support to many addicts and provide long term relief. If you want to know more about how long is detox treatment California, then you can visit the site by clicking the link .

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