How useful is a nicotine patch?

There is so much harm in smoking. It affects your body chemistry and your body struggles to function without it. Smokers can testify to the fact that they find it difficult to eat without lighting a stick of cigarette first. It is because the brain has been configured to function with nicotine. The problem is this, when you start, it is difficult to stop. Smokers know this, they are fully aware of the dangers inherent in this habit. However, they find it difficult to win this battle. In fact, they need and support every help they can get.

If you have made up your mind to quit this habit, a nicotine patch India can be of immense help. A nicotine patch is worn on the skin. What it does is to make sure nicotine is supplied to the brain through the bloodstream. It produces a similar effect to smoking and it is available in different doses. Although there are a few other ways to quit this habit, it would not be out of place to say the best way to stop smoking is to buy nicotine patches.

There are a few issues with nicotine patches though. It is often said that anything that has an advantage must have a flipside. A few people that have used nicotine patches complain of irritation to their skin. However, this is not so common and it depends on how the user uses it. Experts usually recommend and advice that users alternate the position and part of the skin the nicotine patch is attached to from time to time. This helps to prevent itching and other skin conditions. Another probable side effect of using a nicotine patch is headache and dizziness. So many users complain of this feeling especially if they are not used to using a patch or they are beginners.

Perhaps, the most frequent complain of users of nicotine patch is that they find it uncomfortable at night. Some also say it prevents them from sleeping. This is why experts have suggested that the patch can either be worn during the day or at night. The effects and outcome are similar.

Although nicotine patches are very helpful with helping you quit smoking, the outcome depends on so many other factors. For instance, if the patient has underlying medical and psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety, nicotine patches may not be efficacious. Therefore, it is important to talk to a medical expert about your plans to quit smoking. A few tips from a health counsellor will go a long way too.

In some cases, doctors recommend combining nicotine replacement therapy with some medications such as bupropion, nortriptyline, and varenicline. This is usually done if the patient is a chronic and unrepentant smoker. To prevent nicotine overdose, a smoker needs to be able to adjust the amount of nicotine he takes in per time. This is the reason for producing nicotine patches in different doses. The nicotine content in each dose varies. For instance, a chain smoker would be expected to start with the nicotine 21mg patch. Apart from the 21mg patch, the 14mg patch and 7mg patch are the other doses available. Movement from 21mg to 14mg and 7mg means progression. It also shows the person is overcoming nicotine and smoking addiction.

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