Sources of Anxiety That You Never Thought Of

In this world, every individual is different and thus, has a unique way of responding to their problems. For instance, what enrages you may not affect the other person. Moreover, no response is caused by a single factor rather it is a combination of multiple factors contributing to the burst out of your anxiety.

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Now, look at the possible causes of anxiety –

1. Family history of mental health problem –

Mental health professionals have found that if you have a history of mental health problem in your family, it is likely that you may have a tendency to develop mental health problems or disorder. However, it does not mean that you will definitely have one.

2. Personality –

There are certain types of personality that are prone to anxiety. People, who are perfectionist, timid or have controlling behaviour, may suffer from anxiety from childhood and if not treated may even develop anxiety disorder.

3. Stressful events of life –

  • Work related stress
  • Relationship problems
  • Stress from trauma or emotional shock like death of loved one
  • Physical or mental abuse
  • Adjustment problems

4. Physical health –

Grave illness or physical condition can give rise to anxiety and in turn decrease the progress of your condition both physically and mentally.

5. Co-morbidity and other mental health problems –

The occurrence of co-morbidity is common. You may suffer only from anxiety, but often it is seen that the patient fails to notice any other condition already present in them and focuses only on the dominant one.

6. Substance use –

Substance use like drinking alcohol, excessive caffeine drinks, or taking drugs increases anxiety. Check for the side effects of your medication.

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