What is a cystoscopy?

Cystoscopy is a procedure a doctor utilizes to check out the within the bladder and urethra, the tube which links a bladder to the penis. This is made with a cystoscope, a thin tube with a light as well as a medical telescopes, or a small camera on completion. The tube is put in via your urethra.

There are two major types of cystoscopes: adaptable as well as inflexible. The type your physician usages will depend upon why the cystoscopy is being done.

Why do you need a cystoscopy?

There are a few reasons you can require a cystoscopy:


  • You are having bladder troubles


This test is used to check for the reasons for signs or symptoms in the bladder, such as problem urinating or blood in the urine, or to look at an irregular location seen on an imaging examination, such as a CT scan. If you have actually had bladder cancer, it could likewise be utilized to seek brand-new lumps.


  • You have a suspicious location that could be cancer


Cystoscopy can be used to take biopsy examples from the bladder or urethra, to find out if an irregular location is a cancer, for instance. This is done by passing long, thin tools down the cystoscope, such as tiny forceps, i.e., tweezers, to accumulate the samples. The samples of the biopsy are then inspected in the lab.


  • You have a bladder issue that needs treating, including some early cancers


Cystoscopy can be used to treat some troubles in the bladder. For instance, long, thin tools can be passed down a rigid cystoscope to eliminate little lumps growths in the bladder in a procedure called a transurethral resection of a bladder tumor.

Feasible issues of cystoscopy

Cystoscopy is normally secure; however, there is a small danger of:

  • Reactions to anesthetic
  • Rupture of the bladder wall surface
  • Bladder infection
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