5 Reasons Why Potatoes Are Nutritious For Kids

Children, in all their tenderness and innocence, just want to eat foods that appeal to them and make them look like they are having the best time of their lives. As responsible parents and guardians, we take responsibility for their wellbeing, too, making sure we provide all that we can according to the best of our capacities. One thing the majority of people ignore is the need to feed their kids healthy, to have the perfect stature, structure, and body functioning. One gameplay children, as they mature, come to play is to blame the parent for how they look, not minding the parent’s good intentions. Are you considering a great diet for your kids?  Potatoes nutrition offers you the license to get creative in feeding your kid, while also keeping them healthy. Here is why.

Good Carbohydrate content: 

Carbohydrates are an amazing nutritional component that provides energy to the body muscles and provides fuel for brain activities. Every child needs this essential nutrition when growing. And the good thing is that the calory is not as high as most other carb foods, making it easier for their digestive system to process rather than accumulate in the body.

Excellent vitamin packages: 

Vitamins have great nutritional values to the body, and some of the vitamin components of potatoes include Vitamin B. Vitamin B is responsible for providing energy to the body and helps proper cell functioning. Cooked potatoes have more beneficial vitamins. Also, the vitamin C property of potatoe nutrition probably qualifies it to be called vegetables. This property helps healthy skin and hair, something your kids would be proud of.

Have antioxidant properties: 

Antioxidants are known to help neutralize harmful radicals in the body. Radicals increase the chance of heart diseases and cancer. A clinical trial showed that the antioxidant effect reduces the chance of cancer and heart diseases in kids.

They do not enhance fat: 

Potatoes are not fattening, as they are naturally fat-free. Well, what you put on them would determine the fat content, but naturally, they are fat-free. Lower calorie potatoes are more beneficial for kids. Hence, sweet potatoes and Carisma are potato types that would be great for your kids.

Potentials of controlling blood sugar level: 

With the disturbing statics of the at which kids get obese and diabetic even as toddlers, there is the need to be particular about the sugar intake of your kids. In its potato nutrition, there is resistant starch, which does not break down nor get fully absorbed in the body. Resistant starch reduces the insulin level in the body, and that improves sugar control. With resistant starch, potatoes can be the right foundation-laying meal for your kids rather than being a corrective meal in the future.

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