Cetilistat- Helps You To Keep BMI Below 30

Obesity is an intricate disease involving unnecessary body fat. It is not only an aesthetic problem, but a critical medical problem enhancing risk of heart and other ailments. Many factors are responsible for the accumulation of excessive body fat. Personal lifestyle, diet, inheritance, restricted body movement are some fundamental reasons. But you can control obesity and other related health problems by shedding moderate body weight. Some twirl in behavior and lifestyle, controlled diet and regular exercise, can help you lose weight and maintain it. To lose weight and maintain the optimal one is a long drawn process, requiring perseverance and grit. Prescribed medicine is another option to reduce obesity.


Cetilistat is such a drug that treats obesity, akin to Orlistat. Orlistat slows down the chemical action of pancreatic lipase, which breaks down triglycerides in the intestine. Triglycerides are a type of fat (lipid) found in the blood. The unnecessary calorie with your diet is converted into triglycerides, which are amassed in the fat cells. Cetilistat and Orlistat in the gastrointestinal tract inhibit lipases. A lipase is an enzyme that acts as a catalyst for the hydrolysis of fat. This whole process helps you to reduce body weight significantly. Alizyme, with the collaboration of Takeda Pharmaceutical, developed Cetilistat for treating obesity. 

This drug restricts pancreatic lipase and controls obesity and related diabetes or dyslipidemia. The absorption of fat is reduced, and weight is controlled. When you take this drug, you feel less hungry, without any side effects. In 2008 December, phase III clinical study of this drug was conducted in Japan. This trial’s satisfactory result led to a phase II clinical trial, which exhibited noteworthy weight loss on clinically obese patients with no side effects. In 2003 August phase II clinical trial of this drug was conducted in Europe. In 2004 January Alizyme and Takeda Pharmaceutical got patents to develop, manufacture and market this drug in Japan. More research and development work is in progress for treating gastrointestinal disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer. 

Know your BMI

Obesity has become a social evil, effecting millions, mostly in developed nations; when the body mass index is greater than thirty, it is referred to as obesity. Body mass index (BMI) is Kg/m2 , where Kg denotes the weight of the person in kilograms, and m2 represents the height of the person in meters squared. The optimal BMI is a spectrum between 18.5 to 24.9. Obesity in the US and Europe is alarming. Statistics from WHO, MONICA project shows in some locations 70% of men and women between 55 to 64 are clinically obese, having a BMI of more than 30. One out of five Americans suffer from obesity, and one out of three is overweight. Childhood obesity is also increasing at an alarming rate, increasing the potentiality of the overweight population.

There is a strong link between obesity and cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer like breast and colorectal. Type 2 diabetes is very much correlated with obesity, and this disease is also affecting many people. The blood lipid and cholesterol is directly proportional to body weight, which level of these substances makes you more prone to atherosclerosis. 


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