Choosing Your Options for Fast HIV Test

Recently in Canada, you can buy an HIV self-test and check yourself if you have been infected with HIV. We then take a small amount of blood ourselves. You can read the result after 15 to 30 minutes. Like the rapid test, the self-test can only reliably determine whether or not you have been infected with HIV until three months after taking a risk.

Some self-tests may indicate that you are HIV positive even though you have not been infected with HIV. Thus, it is recommended to use only self-tests bearing the CE label and therefore authorized for sale in Europe. Further information on HIV self-tests is available online.

Important To Follow

Whichever test you use: if the result is positive, you must consult a specialist doctor who will do a second test or confirmatory test). Only then will you know for sure if you have been infected or if the test showed a false result. If you are HIV positive, your doctor will do additional tests and prescribe HIV medicine. Go for the at home std test canada if you need now.

Talk To a Doctor

You can talk to a doctor with confidence. The doctor does not have the right to pass information about you to anyone else without your permission even if it is a member of your family or your partner. He or she is required by law to respect your privacy (medical confidentiality).

If you wish to take the test anonymously without giving your name, you can contact a dispensary or a specialized HIV or AIDS center in your city. Dispensaries can provide you with someone to help you communicate in your language. Counseling and testing is often free at clinics. The results of the test will be explained to you during an interview. You can then ask all your questions and have the doctor’s answers.

The sooner they are detected, the faster HIV or an STI can be treated. With the free centers, laboratories and self-tests, there is always a screening adapted to your situation.

We Often Hear That Getting Tested Regularly Is Important But Why?

Screening is the one and only way to find out if you have HIV or another STI. You can have the HIV or another STI and not feel sick or have symptoms. A STI diagnosed early allows for better management.

Getting tested helps prevent passing the infection on to your partner (s). In the event of a positive test result, you can notify your partner (s) so that they in turn can be screened and treated.

In the case of HIV, rapid detection and treatment prevent the infection from progressing to AIDS. Thanks to treatments available, today, a person who is tested soon after being infected has the same life expectancy as an HIV-negative person and remains in good health.

The sooner you get tested, the sooner you will be treated and the faster the virus will be undetectable with treatment. Thus, you will no longer be contaminating.

How Often Do You Get Tested?

If you have more than one sexual partner during the year, it is recommended that you get tested every three months (HIV and others STI). Otherwise, screening is advised at least once a year and whenever you are in doubt. Screening is necessary as soon as symptoms appear, or when one of your partners has a STI.

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