Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Trip and Why You Should Pack the Travel Berkey Water Filter

Planning is key to the success of any travel plan. If you can’t plan carefully, the trip could be mired with problems. You won’t enjoy it and even regret that you pursued your travel plans. Therefore, it’s crucial to pay attention to the planning phase. These are some common mistakes you might face while you plan, and some ways to avoid them. It starts by forgetting to bring the portable travel Berkey water filter and relying only on bottled water.

If you think you will survive the trip by relying only on bottled water, you’re wrong. You could end up getting dehydrated. Some places don’t have access to clean drinking water. Stores that sell bottled water are also hard to find. Without the water filter, you might get dehydrated. You will even force yourself to drink the unclean tap water and end up with waterborne illnesses. Forgetting to bring water filters is only the beginning. These are other planning mistakes you should avoid.

Planning too early (or too late)

You need to plan a few weeks, or at least a month, if it involves a distant trip with a huge number of people. Planning too late could limit your choices. You have to settle with whatever is available. You might even have to spend more on air tickets and hotel accommodations. If you plan too early, things can still change. You don’t want to pay for booking changes because you have to change the travel dates. There could also be some promotions you end up missing because you booked too early. There’s nothing wrong with researching months ahead if you already know where to go. However, you should only finalize the details close to the date of the trip.

Choosing inflexible dates

When you book an air ticket, you can choose whether you’ll have one that can be rebooked or an option that’s fixed. The latter is cheaper, but it could be risky. The same thing applies to hotel reservations. You might want to select a fixed date and spend less, but you failed to account for possible changes. If you want to change the dates for whatever reason, you might have to pay for the entire reservation again. Instead of saving money, you end up spending more. Choose a flexible reservation so that there are no penalties for changes. You can’t control the circumstances, and it’s best to be safe.

Not getting enough insurance

There was a time when we ignore travel insurance because we only go on a trip for a few days. Recently, though, travel and health insurance are way more important. You could easily get ill while traveling, and you need comprehensive health insurance. You should also find a packaged premium that allows you to cover your entire family if you’re going with them. You don’t want to spend more for a trip because you didn’t have sufficient insurance. You might not receive adequate healthcare if you couldn’t show proof that you’re financially capable of paying the bills.

Letting travel agencies do everything 

This isn’t necessarily a mistake if you can find the right travel agency. If the company can help arrange all the details and let you spend less, it’s okay. However, if you let them do everything and don’t understand the details of the expenses, you could pay more. If some of these tasks are manageable, and you can do them yourself, there’s no need to rely on agencies. Besides, it’s also terrible if you always have to join other people in a group tour. It’s inconvenient. You have to customize your plans based on your needs.

Pursuing a travel plan despite financial problems

Traveling can be expensive. Whether it’s a local destination or a foreign country, you will end up paying a lot for it. If you already saved enough money to pursue the trip, it’s okay. However, if you’re on a tight budget and have other expenses to consider, you should delay your plans. You can’t pursue the trip and get a loan to make it happen. You shouldn’t max out your credit card too. You will regret it later if the trip is over and you have piles of debt to pay.

Not including emergency expenses when budgeting 

Anything can happen during a trip. You might miss your flight or train. You could get lost in a big city. You might also get injured. These expenses are unexpected, and you could blow your budget up to pay for them. Therefore, it helps if you include them when planning. If possible, include in your budget souvenirs that you have no intention of buying right now, but could be on your list during the trip.

Not considering layover time 

When you book a flight, you should consider the layover time. You can say that you don’t mind waiting, but in reality, you do. If you can’t leave the airport while waiting, a long layover time should be avoided. You also don’t have plenty of days to go on a trip. You can’t spend a huge part of it waiting for the flight.

Not researching about the destination 

It’s crucial to find out t more about the place that you intend to visit. If it’s an unfamiliar destination, you have to read more details online. Check out travel vlogs made by those who have visited these places before. You can also read reviews to know if some places are worth visiting. You might have an attitude of loving surprises. Although it’s okay to wait and see, you can’t take the risk if it’s an unfamiliar destination.

You will have a better trip if you avoid these planning mistakes. Go through your plan over again until you’re confident of it. However, even if you spent time planning, you can still expect issues. Prepare yourself for the worst possibilities, but don’t forget to enjoy the trip.

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