How your Immune System Protects your Body from Attackers

If your immune system is in great shape, you may not notice it working to protect you from harm 24/7. The immune system is the in-built defense system of your body against infections and diseases and you will know when it is compromised.  If you don’t feel sick, it is because your immune system is strong enough to give you the protection you need. But, if your immune system wrongly classifies some of your cells, it will attack them.

Why you Need to Maintain a Healthy Immune System

A well-functioning immune system helps you go about everyday life as you come into contact with germs, bacteria, and viruses. You need a strong immune system so you don’t’ pick up infections and infectious diseases more easily. If bacteria and viruses manage to break through some specialized body cells will jump into action. The major areas of your body and your bloodstream contain white blood cells that can combat and destroy foreign bodies that will attack your body. 

In some instances, the immune system can overreact and attack your own cells. This takes place every time you experience allergies such as hay fever and autoimmune disease. This is the reason donated organs and blood should be carefully matched. As the immune system does a great job of keeping you free from infection at all times, you may easily take it for granted. But, you should look after it so it will look after you. Global Glow offers supplements you can take to boost your immunity. Just check out its products online. 

The Immune System Army

Your immune system has many components that play a key role in protecting your body from invaders:

  • Skin. Your skin serves as the physical barrier that keeps bacteria and germs at bay. Your saliva and tears provide further protection by neutralizing any attackers.
  • Gut. About 70% of your immune system cells are in the gut. This is where bacteria and viruses often attack so the gut must be in tip-top condition and ha slots of friendly bacteria at its disposal.
  • Mucus. Your lungs are lined with sticky mucus to catch germs and stop them from entering your bloodstream. 
  • Lymph system. This system is the carrier of water, food, and oxygen to your cells and eliminates waste.

How to Boost your Immune System

There are many ways you can keep your immune system as strong as possible. These include cutting down your alcohol consumption, eating a balanced diet, getting quality sleep at night, exercising regularly, and reducing your stress levels. If you live a busy life, start learning to slow down and give your body a break. Also, aside from consuming immune-boosting foods, consider taking immune boosters, which are supplements made to strengthen your immune system. 

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