How Online Therapy Increases Access to Mental Health Services 


Are you looking for help with mental illnes or handle your daily stressors that you cannot solve by yourself? Or having difficulties with past struggles that you want to talk about with a counsellor in Vancouver, BC?

Therapy has evolved, especially during the COVID 19 pandemic period. More counsellors are offering online services instead meeting at the physical location of the therpaist. One of the most trusted and experienced counsellor in mental health is Blue Mirror Counsellor in Vancouver.   

When you’re communicating with a therapist through a screen, you are legally speaking with a licensed professional. They might be called a social worker, a psychologist, or a licensed mental health or professional counselor. 

With Online counselling your privacy is also protected under Canadian regulations Information with mental health clients are especially sensitive, so the stakes are higher. With blue mirror counsellor in Vancouver, you get online therapy through specific therapists’ private practices.

So you get get help from a trusted online counsellor and all your information is private. Go ahead and start getting help with online counselling in Vancouver from Blue Mirror Counsellor  

Online Counselling Increases Access to Services

Psychologist Bessie from Blue Mirror Counselling, said increased access, especially in rural areas, is an important benefit of online counselling. 

In rural areas, these are less mental healt professionals available and this makes it difficult for certain patients to meet the counsellor in person. People might need to drive long hours to receive the sessions in person. 

Or, you might be located near therapy offices, but physically you can’t get to those appointments in person due to certain disabilites.  

Having counselling through the internet using a web camera helps in both scenarios and benefits both parties: therapists can help more people and those people can easily keep up with appointments.

But remember online counselling is a choice. If you prefer meeting the counsellor in person you can always make an appointment with BLEU MIRROR Counselling. 

There are More Benefits with Online Therapy

Online Therapy is a Effective as in Person
You might have doubts about online therapy, but studies have shown online counselling is just as effective and in some cases more effective than in-person sessions. Before Dr. Wang from BLUE MIRROR Counselling gave therapy online, she had her own private practice. The work, she said, feels just as meaningful, and because barriers of scheduling problems or availability issues have been removed, she feels like she tends to achieve her goals with her clients more now.

Online therapy is more convenient if your schedule is busy.
Dr. Wang said that she has clients who are stay-at-home parents, those who are juggling work and family life, young people in college, etc., and teletherapy helps them have more flexibility and easier to make time for sessions.

There are more patients going for online therapy because they could schedule appointments to take place after work from the privacy of her own home. Before they couldn’t because most in person therapist availability is during regular 9 to 5 working hours. This makes it difficult for patients to meet a counsellor after their work. 

Online therapy still offers a connection

You might be thinking that certain therapy are better perform in person with a counsellor. Based on the experience of online counsellors, speaking through a video platform allows the client to really open up.

The main reason is because the clients are their own home. Instead of going through the reception and sitting at the waiting room, they are now having complete comfort and privacy at home.     

Online therapy makes it easier to switch therapists. 
Finding the right mental health professional is crucial, and you want to try out differnent therapists first before you commit to the right one. Online makes it easier, since you don’t have to drive to different offices. Besides it’s also lot easier to say no online then in person to a counsellor that may not be the perfect on for you.

Online therapy also makes it easier to stick with therapists you like. 
Online counselling allows you to stay with a therapist once you’ve found the right one and can’t get to them in person anymore. If the therapist moved to a different location or you’re moving out of state, you can be sure to get help online anytime and anywhere. 

Even you are moving temporarily, online counselling can save you lot’s of time and avoid the hassle to find another therapist.

So, what are you waiting for? Get help from BLUE MIRROR Counsellor now


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