Is it possible to get de-addicted?

Have you been addicted to any substance? Or do you anyone who has been addicted? Do they really want to get rid of it? The first major step will be accepting the problem that yes! I am addicted. Those who accomplish this step have a chance to be treated. When a person admits this, he/ she is mentally ready to get rid of the problem as he/ she has realized that this a curse, not a blessing. When the patient is ready to take help from others the situation will now come under control. It is time to step into a medical detox center in Chicago and get treated. 

Withdrawal symptoms that a patient can notice: 

Now that the patient stops taking the substance he/she had been addicted to for so long there are going to side effects. Firstly there will be an urge to consume the substance. When it is not given there will be signals that the body and mind shall send. A few of them are listed below: 

  • Anxiety: there can be a sever urge to consume the substance. When the patient tries to refrain there is an unsettling feeling of anxiousness. He/ she feels restless and can not think properly. 
  • Sweating: there are excessive sweating and palpitation. The heartbeats also can go up. The body shows signals that it may collapse in the absence of the substance. 
  • Irritability: the person feels weak from within. The guilt feeling makes him/ her overreact to even the smallest of situations.
  • Depression: the nervousness and guilt feeling can make a patient go into depression. They may stop talking to the family member as well. As a reluctance to do anything they may also come across negative thoughts. 
  • Diarrhea: stopping a substance immediately can make the bowel irritable and hence diarrhea can occur. 
  • Insomnia: when the patient keeps thinking about the same thing day and night they tend to lose sleep. The body does not allow him/ her to relax in wait for one single weak moment.
  • Headaches: severe headaches can be caused as the body has been habituated to stay high and out of senses most of the time. 
  • Nausea/ vomiting: the irritated bowel can lead to vomiting and nausea. There can be a very upsetting feeling. 

What are the ways of treatment?

In case of prolonged and severe addiction, a patient has to be admitted to the medical detox center in Chicago. To undergo supervision and treatment. It mostly includes timely medication. If the addiction is almost to the insane level then reducing the intake is the first step rather than complete removal from the system. Then a set of medications and exercises are done. Accompanied by regular counseling and family support. After a few days of being at the center, most of the patients are sent home. Thereafter, they can come in as out-patients for a regular check-up and also medication. It is the duty of the patient and his/ her family member to ensure that they take medicines as told. 

Now that you know a person can get de-addicted and become sober again, do not lose this chance. Talk to him/ her and take him/ her to the center and begin with the treatment right away. Better late than sorry. You can give them a new life while they have one, rather than repent if something fatal occurs due to the bad habit. Deaddiction will need medication and love and support from the family. Sogo on and give them a chance to have a better life. 

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