Tips to Help You Relocate Smoothly and It Starts by Buying the Big Berkey Water Filter

Relocating can be quite stressful. There are plenty of things to deal with before you can settle. Add to that the emotional burden of leaving the place you called home for the last several years. The good thing is that you can start with a clean slate and enjoy a new life elsewhere. To help you relocate smoothly, you have to start by making sure that your new house is ready. Buy the big Berkey water filter since your new home might not have clean drinking water. The tap water isn’t safe for drinking. With the help of the water filter, it’s easier to ensure the safety of your children.

There are many other things that you need to do to prepare for your new house for your arrival. However, it would help if you also considered these tips to guarantee smooth relocation.

Inform your children about the plans

Your children need to know about your plans to move. They might not feel good about it. Don’t let them be the last to know or surprise them with this decision on the relocation day. They deserve to know what’s going on and understand why you decided to move to a different place. Your children might also want to say goodbye to their friends. If it’s emotionally challenging for you, it’s the same for them. You don’t want them to get angry at you because of the surprise decision.

Hire a moving company

Moving can take too much time, and getting aid from a moving company helps a lot. You don’t have a huge vehicle to fit in all the items that you want to move to another place. The moving company can provide you with a truck with an appropriate size, depending on the request. You will also receive help from the staff in loading and unloading these things. Apart from the vehicle rental, the moving company might also send staff to help you pack your things. It takes time to finish packing because of big items like furniture and appliances. You want these things to stay safe throughout the transit. If you’re in a hurry to settle down in the new place, you have to hire a moving company.

Check the reviews to ensure that you’re partnering with a reliable company. Travel insurance is also necessary so that if something wrong happens along the way, you will get paid.

Formally resign from your job and confirm with the new one 

It’s easier to decide that you will leave your old home if you found a new job elsewhere. Otherwise, you shouldn’t take the risk. Given how difficult it is to find a new job under the current market, you should only resign from your old one if you found a new job. You might need to inform your employer a month before your resignation for a smooth transition. You should also formally accept the new job and let your new employer know about the first day. Besides, you’re uncertain if this new endeavor will be successful. If it won’t, it feels good to know that you can always return to your old job. Try not to burn bridges along the way.

Notify family and friends 

Perhaps, the most challenging part of the process is saying goodbye to the people you love. For some of them, it might take years before seeing each other again. Therefore, you need to inform your family and friends that you’re going to relocate elsewhere. They might also try to host a farewell party. The good thing is that it’s easier to keep in touch with anyone around the world these days due to Internet access. Keep their contact information and social media pages so you can communicate despite the distance.

Host a garage sale

If you don’t want to bring plenty of items, you can host a garage sale. Besides, if you want a new life, you would probably want to leave many things behind. Instead of throwing them away, you can host a garage sale. Make money out of the things that you will no longer use. It can also be an opportunity to say goodbye to your neighbors. If you don’t have time to organize a garage sale, you can take a photo of all these things and sell them online. Make sure you let everyone know about the garage sale or create a page where you can sell them online.

Donate extra stuff to charity

If you don’t want to sell the things you don’t need, you can donate them to charity. You might not need these things anymore, but they could be useful to a lot of people. Put them in a box and categorize them according to the purpose. You can help a lot of people with your donations.

Get to know the new neighborhood 

You already did everything you can for a smooth transition. The next step is to get to know your new neighborhood. You want to feel welcomed upon your arrival. You can drive around town so you can see different key places such as supermarkets, schools, hospitals, and tourist attractions. You need to know how to get from one place to another. If there is public transportation available, you should also determine how you can use one.

Rent a self-storage unit 

After moving to your new house, you can start to unpack the things that you brought. However, if your new house is smaller than where you used to live, some of your things might not fit in. It’s not a problem since you can rent a self-storage unit. Short term and long term leases are available. You determine how many months or years you’re going to keep these things before signing the contract. The good thing is that if you would like to take out the things that you kept, you can do it anytime you want. If you already took everything out, you can and your partnership with the storage facility.

Gradually settle into your new house 

After weeks or even months of preparation, you finally settled. You don’t need to rush the decoration of your new house or finish unboxing in one day. You can gradually take your things out and prioritize the ones that you need. Hopefully, you make the right decision and enjoy your new life.

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