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Hair Transplantation may be a remedial technique that involves the extraction of hair follicles from the donor site and placement on the recipient site (which is that the bald area) done under an area anaesthetic.In this article, Dr. Ankur Singhal, who is one of the besthair transplant surgeon in India and hold 14+ years of expertise in Hair transplant, and also specializes in conducting cosmetic and facial hair transplant treatment, describes to us about the complete approach and practice of Hair transplant treatment. Dr. Ankur Singhal gave us the entire procedure on Balding treatment, from how it happens, what it is, and how to get treatment of it. Here’s all you need to understand.

The method of conducting hair transplantation is mentioned below:

  • FUT Hair Transplantation in India

In this method, a strip of skin is taken from the posterior a part of the scalp, in a section of excellent hair growth. This is often then taken and harvested during a Petridis containing normal saline and therefore the grafts are separated. The receiver area is partially bladed and thus the grafts are inserted into the recipient area.

  • FUE Hair Transplantation in India

In this method, individual Follicular Units containing 1 – 4 hairs are removed under local anesthesia employing a unique tool to extract the follicular. There is no incision on the rear of the scalp. Almost like FUT, the separate follicular units are placed at the recipient area after derma blading the recipient area of the scalp. The cost of this procedure of hair transplant is low as compared to other treatments available.

 Advantages of Hair Transplantation in India

  • At Hairline international
  • Assured Hair growth
  • The gold standard in Dermatology
  • Nominal Cost
  • ISHRS Surgeons
  • Advanced and US FDA approved Hair restoration methods
  • Latest equipment

Robotic Hair Transplantation in India

As explained by Dr. Ankur Singhal, Robotic hair treatment brings us Precision and advancement in FUE Hair transplant. Robotic hair treatment is done under the direction of the specialist, this may give the patient the original look for your hair.

In the Robotic hair method, you should not get depressed about swelling and scarring related to other hair transplantation procedures. Therefore the system comprises many advantages compared to the opposite hair transplant techniques. Regrow clinic Robotic transplantation method is the fastest, most reliable, automated, least invasive, most result-oriented, and most surgeon friendly.

Hairline International is that the first hair transplantation clinic in Bangalore to possess the state of art robotic transplantation system. alongside India we, Hairline international provided robotic hair transplantation services to the residents of foreign countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Germany, etc.

Dr. Ankur’s tips to followbefore getting a hair transplant:

After following all possible home remedies and suggested hair solutions, you’ve got contemplated enough and eventually, have decided to travel for a hair transplant surgery.  Here are some belongings you should know before you’re taking the plunge:

  1. Surgery Should Be Your last option
  • Important Things Men With A Receding Hairline Should Know prior to Getting A Hair Transplant. For some men, receiving a hair transplant is probably the sole solution since it’s permanent and does the work of combining hair on the top permanently.
  • Instead, with the assistance of your doctor, you’ll invite FDA approved treatments like Minoxidil that helps in getting great results. Men with a receding hairline can do this before finally heading for a transplant.
  1. Hair Transplants aren’t Cheap
  • You will be fascinated by the commercials that say ‘free meeting’ or ‘limited offer’ or some extra clickbait lines. But remember, this is often about your health, and a hair transplant may be a huge investment.
  • If you’re considering a low-cost hair transplant, ask yourself if you’ll run the danger of the surgery and compromise your safety. Instead, do your research diligently or ask your friends for references as it’s about your hair at the top of the day, and you do not want to finish up losing all of it.
  1. Hair Transplant Banks On Your Natural Hair
  • Your surgeon will harvest the hair from the rear and sides of your head and transplant it on the thinning areas. These strands are extracted and implanted on the top.
  • It assists in keeping the natural growth of your hair, without giving any visible signs of the operation. But, just in case you’re totally bald, this method won’t work for you.
  1. you will need to require a day off Work
  • Just like any surgery requires recovery time, even a hair transplant procedure needs healing. you’ve got to treat it as solid gold and follow things like staying out of the sun, staying hydrated, etc.
  • There can also be swelling but that sometimes happens thanks to the procedure. So, do yourself a favor and spend a while faraway from these hazards.
  1. 5. it’s Not for everybody
  • Male hair transplant is taken into account to be the last word solution but before you undergo this procedure, you would like to understand that it’s not for everybody. For you to be a perfect candidate, you would like to possess a sufficient amount of hair to be your own donor. It goes fittest for guys with male design baldness.
  • Contrary to the assumption, hair transplant doesn’t give instant results. Rather, you’ve got to attend for a minimum of six months to note an honest amount of hair growth.
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