Whitening Strips – What to Know About Them?

Dazzling white teeth is what everyone wishes for today. A smile that constitutes pearly white teeth is the best way of grabbing the attention of every eye that passes through the teeth. So, how do I get these shiny white teeth? Let us know here. 

Teeth Brightening Strips 

The teeth whitening strips are the nearly visible and thin plastic strips, and one side of the strips will be coated with peroxide-based dental whitening gel. The gel will be manufactured with either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. 

When compared with the effects of carbamide peroxide, the hydrogen peroxide compound will decompose rapidly to release the peroxide to the enamel layer, which in turn brightens the teeth. It is one of the best UK teeth whitening methods for those who don’t have time to go to a dentist.

If you are also willing to get the pearly white teeth, then you can just visit the webpage of Euro White to know-how. They are a reputed manufacturer of the best quality Crest 3d white strips and can help you with achieving your goal of shiny teeth within the promised time duration. Visit their webpage to know more. 

Application of the Brightening Strips on Teeth 

The strips will be directly applied to the teeth. You should gently place the gel-coated layer of the strips onto the teeth and remember to not hurry during the application. The gel will then start to penetrate the surface of your teeth layer and will start removing the unwanted accumulation of some particles on the enamel layer. 

You can expect the wonderful results of shiny teeth after 4 weeks of the application of crest teeth whitening strips on your teeth. If you ever feel like whether it will work for you or not, then you should stay assured about the fact that the teeth brighteners will work for your teeth. 

Negative Effects of Teeth Brightening Strips 

Constant and even continuous usage of the strips can cause some damage to the enamel layer of your teeth. The whitening ingredient that works its magic on the enamel layer can become dangerous to your teeth. This is the reason why your teeth feel sensitive after you use the teeth’ brightening strips. 

Best Teeth Brightening Strips 

Here are some of the whitening strips that can work successfully in your favour. 

  • Lumineux Oral Essentials 
  • Crest 3D Professional Strips 
  • Lumist Next Generation New Advanced Strips 
  • Fairywell Brightening Strips 

Teeth Strength 

The different kinds of brightening strips that are available in the market is prepared with different peroxide concentration. Hence, you cannot expect the same kind of effect from all types of teeth brightening strips. The best way of finding the strip that can strengthen your teeth and also work perfectly for you is with the help of your dentist. 

Some crest whitening strips might be made with a concentration of 14% peroxide in them whereas some strips might contain just 6% peroxide. However, the suggested usage of the teeth brightening strips is twice a day for about 30 minutes, if the concentration of peroxide in your strips is not more than 6%. 

If the concentration of peroxide in the teeth brightening strips that you use is more than 10%, then the recommended usage of such strips is once a day for 30 minutes. Understand what your strip has for you and choose wisely. 

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