Four Signs you can Benefit from Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is meant to evaluate and treat injured, disabled, or sick people using physical methods such as exercise, movement, and manual therapy. It takes into account the lifestyle of the patient and their situations to maintain their health and wellness, manage pain, and prevent diseases. 

The Integral Performance Physio clinic has trained and skilled physiotherapists who specialize in helping people with various kinds of conditions. Physiotherapy is associated with conditions such as back pain, arthritis, sports injuries, and joint replacement rehab. There are signs physiotherapy may benefit you. These include the following:

Loss of Balance

You may lose balance if you have inner ear issues. Your ears’ inside structures are an important part of the balance system of your body. If your inner ear has issues, you can experience a range of symptoms such as vertigo, dizziness, and balance disturbance. Physiotherapy in the form of vestibular rehabilitation can be used to overcome such symptoms. Your physiotherapist can create a series of headache, eye, and neck exercises to help retrain your central nervous system to compensate for the issues with your inner ear.

Constant Pain

An injury can cause you to suffer pain that would normally disappear when the tissue heals. However, if the pain persists and becomes chronic, this can be due to different factors. Physiotherapy can help constant pain by letting you follow a targeted exercise and rehabilitation program that will ease your suffering and help you live a pain-free life again. Your physiotherapist may use treatments for pain like massage, pain education, manipulation, and exercises. These approaches are meant to support your damaged body part better and keep the injury from happening again.

Reduced Body Flexibility

If your body is losing flexibility, movements will become difficult to do. You might not be able to touch your toes, for instance. Thankfully, you can physiotherapy can improve your flexibility through exercises that strengthen supporting tissues and relax the muscles.

Lack of Sleep

A lack of sleep can be a result of chronic back pain. Physiotherapy helps treat the underlying cause of sleep apnea to help you regain better sleep. A physiotherapist can tell if you have a bad posture and evaluate if this has prevented you from getting proper sleep at night. In fact, they will recommend a sleeping position that would be better for your posture. They will also recommend exercises that will condition your body to help you get a goodnight’s sleep.


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