How You Can Manage Pregnancy with COPD

Pregnancy comes with a lot of its pros and cons. While the anticipation of having a baby is much greater but the process of 9 months of pregnancy has many uncomfortable and sometimes painful conditions. The expectant mother needs to take care of their body especially the lungs, internal organs, cardiovascular health and eyesight during pregnancy, to have a healthy baby.

Shortness of breath is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. Not every woman has it but most experience this. The weight of the baby carried inside the womb adds to the pressure on the lungs. And if you are a woman with pre-existing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), then make your mind for what’s coming ahead as your pregnancy will not be an easy feat.

Chronic cough or shortness of breath are common signs of COPD however if you are in your twenties, chances are higher of you not getting diagnosed with COPD as generally it is diagnosed in patients over the age of 40. But, if you are having shortness of breath during pregnancy, ask yourself these questions just to be sure.

  • Have you smoked in the past or do you smoke actively?
  • Do you work in environments that expose you to irritants, fumes, dust or chemicals, which might bring harm to your lungs by inhaling?
  • Do you have a family history of asthma or any lung disease?

As COPD is almost unheard of during pregnancy, specialists suggest management tips to deal with asthma and shortness of breath during these months. Usually, medication is used to treat and relieve COPD symptoms. You can visit website of Price Pro Pharmacy, to learn about the medications for COPD and how you can get them at discount prices as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the suggestions on how you can manage and relieve your symptoms of COPD during pregnancy.

Strictly Avoid Smoking

Smoking is generally harmful to a person but it is more harmful when done while pregnant. Smoking during pregnancy puts the mother at risk of lung damage as well as poor development of the baby. Even if the mother doesn’t smoke, going to places where there is a danger of second-hand smoke, puts the woman and fetus at risk as to the baby in the womb has less ability to absorb nicotine in their developing bodies.

Bottom line is that lung health is extremely important during pregnancy because the mother needs to have healthy functioning lungs to deliver oxygen to the baby.

Tell your doctor about any shortness of breath

There can be a lot of reasons for shortness of breath during pregnancy; some aren’t much of a concern but, if you’re feeling short of breath, consult your doctor immediately before it gets much worse.

Ask for a lung function test

You can ask for a simple, non-invasive lung test called spirometry that can help your doctor check on your breathing. This will help you know the condition better.

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