Myths About SMILE Eye Operation

Undergoing an eye operation, especially vision correction, is an important decision that can completely change your life. Many people are afraid of going for any surgery due to various misconceptions and myths surrounding the procedures. The most common one is that a SMILE eye operation for vision correction is painful and can result in loss of sight if there are complications. Naturally, people carry such notions, considering the eyes are one of the most essential yet delicate organs of the body. We fully understand your worries and fears; thus, we feel it is imperative to bust some common myths surrounding the SMILE eye operation.

SMILE Is Relatively New, Better Wait!

SMILE eye operation stems from LASIK that has been around for more than 30 years. The only difference is that it is a more precise, advanced and automated technique. It has proved its mettle by providing excellent results consistently. SMILE has received US FDA Approval in 2016. This is the most advanced laser eye surgery so far, however, more than 4 million eyes have been successfully treated worldwide. This proves that it is the safest and most effective laser eye surgery to treat myopia or nearsightedness.

Glasses Will Be A Must Post Procedure

This myth is not entirely true! According to FDA’s data, 98.5% of the patients experienced improved vision. At the same time, 93% of people got the benefit of near-perfect vision due to SMILE eye operation. The notable thing is that the improvement was not temporary. After the procedure, less than 1% of patients sought medical attention after a year. However, the procedure does not guarantee that you will never require glasses. You may need them for added eye protection or with age.

There Is A Possibility Of Getting Blind

Many people have this particular negative notion about SMILE eye operation or vision correction in general. But the good thing is that this is entirely false, and SMILE has a stellar record of safety. In SMILE, no incisions are made in the cornea to allow laser penetration. Thus, there is no flap formation. Compared to standard LASIK operations, the incision created in SMILE is 80% smaller. Many doctors have found that it prevents postoperative dryness in the eyes and reduces the incidence of corneal thinning. 

The Operation Is Painful And Can Go Wrong If You Blink

Blinking is natural, and many people find it difficult to control it during an eye procedure. In a SMILE eye operation, your eyes are numbed using anaesthetic eye drops. Apart from this, to keep an eye in its place, suction and speculum are used. Before commencing the procedure, doctors ensure that it is safe. Moreover, the duration of operation lasts only 15 to 30 minutes. Patients who have undergone SMILE have found it to be completely painless.

Recovery Period Is Longer For SMILE Eye Operation

When it comes to an eye procedure, many people believe that the recovery period lasts for a few months. On the other hand, patients experience clear vision on the day of the SMILE eye operation itself. The vision gets better over the next 4-6 weeks. Procedures like LASIK or PRK have a recovery period of more than three months. Whereas in SMILE, one needs to stay away from work for only 2-3 days.


SMILE eye operation is an affordable, safe and effective procedure that gives permanent results. It is a better alternative than many other vision correction eye procedures. If you have nearsightedness or myopia, it is advised to see your eye doctor and check your eligibility for the SMILE vision correction procedure.

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